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Book Review: Blue Eyes Blazing by Nicholas M. Bugden

My first review is going to be a review I did at the start of this year, but I’m adding to it in this post. This isn’t indicative of what my reviews will be like in the future, because I wasn’t giving them my full attention before.

I just wanted to put up some of the Indie books I’ve read! Enjoy!


4 Stars

“Good Short Story”

I really liked this short story. It’s pretty short but quickly shows how young love can grow serious…and sometimes we can’t meet the demands of the relationship in our current position. I’ve been there so I got it, which made me feel bad for both characters, since they loved each other. I look forward to reading more by this author.

(Original review posted as C.S. Janey on Amazon)


Expanded review:

First, this short story is told in third person.

The main character, Michael, starts off the story by jogging across campus in hopes of catching the bus.

It’s there he meets Lina, a complete stranger who looks up at the same time he does, their eyes meeting like it’s meant to be. Michael is the first to speak and he asks her about the book she’s reading: The Great Gatsby.

It seems like the story speeds by, and being a short one, it sort of does. But you get just enough to know what’s going on and what is going wrong between them, IMO.

They are both in college. Their lives are just starting. They fall in love because they can’t help it.

It’s young love which is quickly put to the test.

As for the writing, I think the story is nicely done, with a few place it could’ve been tightened up. But Nicholas writes with a humor I can appreciate and without bogging down the story with unnecessary details.


This book is only available for Kindle, and is 99 cents, or may be read free on KU.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA


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