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Book Review: Little Things by Madison Street

Little Things (Second Chances Book 1) by Madison Street

 Original review posted by me on Amazon on June 4th, 2014



“A good debut.”


First, take my review with a grain of salt.

I admit, I’m a very tough reader to please. It’s probably the way I process things, among other factors, but overall, I liked the book once I got past the beginning.

Now for my thoughts:

Since I received a free copy in exchange for a review, it was unedited, so I’m not taking that into account in my rating at all.

I read the first 39% (where it finally “takes off” so to speak) and thought a bit of that could’ve been removed. I know it was to show the growing relationship, but there were also unnecessary things in there, like him having sex with his gf Melanie, dream or no dream. I just didn’t think it was something that needed to be shown.

Second, these kids are in HS in the beginning and yeah, Melanie was just way too sweet. I know there are genuinely good people, but she just seemed to take it like a champ, and well, teenage girls are moody, among other things, so it just didn’t ring true. She’s also really nice and even through the rest of the book, and so I give kudos to Madison for keeping her consistently sugary sweet. ;0

As for Raya…she was a tough cookie, and while during some of the book she’s in an untenable position…I thought the way she fought was over the top and got her into more trouble than it was worth — and anyone who reads this book will instantly know what I’m talking about because it involves her friend. She was very upset, but she knew better, and did it anyway. I thought that was an idiotic choice for a girl who seemed really freaking smart most of the book.

Duke. Ah. Where to begin. He’s a sweetie, and he really adores Raya, and I love what he does for a career, and how he goes after what he wants. He’s pretty freaking cool, all around.

And, I also think Madison should put a warning due to the some of the stuff shown in the book, as they could be triggers. Even though I had a feeling what was coming, it was still jarring to read for someone who has experienced similar trauma.

Note from me now: I am looking forward to checking out the next book to see what she comes up with next!


On Amazon, this romantic suspense book has 112 reviews with a 4.4 average, and is $2.99.

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