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Book Review: Royal Date by Sariah Wilson



“A sweet fairy-tale like story with good characters.”

First, I nominated this story for publication through Kindle Scout, and so when it was accepted for publication, I received a free copy through the system a week before its release, which is a great feature.

I read this book a few days after receiving it and I really liked the characters, Nico and Kat. Nico’s a real life Prince, and Kat’s the woman who catches his attention while sitting in the ski resort lodge’s lobby, reading a book, unlike everyone else in the room apparently. She lets him know straight up she’s not interested, many times, but he doesn’t want to take no for an answer. He gives her his number, even inviting her to call him so they may have dinner before she leaves since she’s there on vacation, before heading off to ski with his friends. She considers it for a bit, but eventually chucks the card with his number on it in the fireplace!

Of course, things happen fast, which is something I like about this story at first. It’s not bogged down by too many details, and moves along nicely. Kat and her best friend, Lemon, head to ski…and wouldn’t you know, things go wrong. Kat gets injured…and wakes up inside Nico’s familial palace, where eventually she agrees to pretend to date him, and in exchange, she’ll get paid for writing a story about it. Which is great, because she needs the money since her scholarship funds have seemingly dried up.

I won’t talk about the rest, but I have to say, I laughed quite a few times while reading this, and really enjoyed the budding feelings between Nico and Kat. Nico was a good man, while Kat seemed a little emotionally stunted, for her age. One of the reasons this isn’t a 5-star is because I thought the way she took his statement about an important moment as him not wanting to as ridiculous, when he was simply following what she’d stated she had wanted in the first place. So I felt as if this was made up drama to drag things out and her inability to talk about it considering she was in school trying to get her Master’s bothered me, especially when it goes on for months. Just didn’t seem age (or the maturity level she should have) appropriate. Also, clean reads with very little physical activity between the romantic characters aren’t as enjoyable for me.

You can buy this book on Amazon, or read it free on Kindle Unlimited if you have it.


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