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Book Review: Volition by Lily Paradis



“Great book with excellent story-telling!”

Quite simply, I loved this story.

Tate is a great character who just…is who she is. She’s real and doesn’t try to hide the darkness inside herself. And for her whole life, there’s been Jesse. She knows they are soulmates, but he can be nice to her and then mean, out of nowhere. He drives her insane with his antics and she gives them back equally. She dates other people – such as Casper, who is a whole mess all on his own.

Something happens that drives her from her hometown to New York, where she wants to start over. She doesn’t want love or anything; she just wants to build a life away from Jesse and the place where he hurts her the most.

And on the plane ride there, she meets Hayden Rockefeller. He’s a great man and he is patient and kind with Tate in a way she’s never experienced with Jesse.

This story jumps back and forth but it’s great, not awkward at all, and each part fits in where you read it. You get mostly Tate’s view for most of the book, but near the end you get Jesse, her friend Colin, and even Hayden’s POV. Each adds something extra to the story and it’s nice to see what they are thinking and feeling, which isn’t always something an author can pull off nicely.

The writing in this story is flawless, IMO. I didn’t notice any mistakes, although I was so enthralled in the story-telling I may have missed something. However, the fact it didn’t stick out if there were says a lot!

Definitely a story I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a well-told romance.

You can buy this book on Amazon as well as other retailers!


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