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Book Review: Getting Dirty by Mia Storm



“Different, but wandering…”

When I first picked up this book, it was after reading a sample and discovering this book was well-written and rather gripping, along with being ‘taboo’ in a way. Age differences don’t bother me (especially when a woman is 16+) – Blaire is 17, Caiden is 25 – at no point did I really find their attraction to each other inappropriate. In regard to this, Mia does a great job of making them relate and having you feel why they like each other so much.

To be fair, Caiden doesn’t know her age at first. When he asks her what year she is, she says senior…which is true, except he thinks senior in college, while she’s really a senior in HS. And she doesn’t bother to correct his assumption. So, Caiden’s initial hesitation to date her only hinges on the fact that he is in a position of authority, which would only last until the end of the school year…when he thinks she will graduate from college. It’s only later when it comes to the light that the law is also a factor of whether they can be together or not.

I really enjoyed both Blaire and Caiden’s characters. They were interesting and multi-faceted; they also tried to fight how they felt but obviously, they gave in. However, for two people who know they can get into a lot of trouble, they didn’t exactly use their brains when it came to playing it safe. Sex someplace that eventually shows up on video… having sex in the stacks where it’s not unlikely they’ll get caught, etc? Not so bright.

Now, while the story was well-written and I didn’t find any faults with that, it also felt like it was going so well, then BAM, it derailed. We get all her stuff with Nate, his stuff with Hannah, and less about them even toward the end. I didn’t find all these details necessary, felt like they took away from the story a lot, and then it’s over…and I felt as if I missed something important even when I finished.

Overall, the book was okay. More about Blaire and Caiden, less about the OW/OM, and more at the end once they are together would’ve been stellar.

You can buy this for 99 cents (until 3/29) on Amazon, or on B&N, iBooks, etc.


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