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Book Review: The 5 Stages of Falling in Love by Rachel Higginson



“A beautiful falling apart & coming together all in one!”

I didn’t know what to expect with this book when I first started it. However, I quickly acknowledged this was a different romance read than I’m used to reading.

The story is basically meeting Liz and her husband Grady who dies, leaving Liz the grieving widow of four young children. Six months pass between his death to where she meets Ben, her new and hot neighbor, and they become friends…well, it takes Liz a bit to let him in, but he wants to help and he likes her, so their friendship grows.

I loved how Rachel wrote about all the five stages of grief…and the way they coincided with her relationship with Ben was so wonderful. You saw and felt how much she struggled with loving Grady and missing him, yet being attracted to Ben, liking him, and wanting to be closer to him.

We got to experience their budding friendship, the way Ben was gentle and kind and patient with Liz, slowly leading her toward more with him, and slowly, we get to experience them falling in love with each other. It also shows the effects the death of their father, and their mother’s new relationship, has on the children, which was also done splendidly. However, at times Liz came across as a little selfish and too focused on herself, not realizing how her behavior was affecting those around her, including Ben.

I teared up in quite a few places while reading this lovely story. It was well-written and evoked a couple teary-eyed moments for me, which is hard for a book to do. Only thing I have to say is, I would’ve really enjoyed an epilogue. The ending felt just a tad bit rushed once they were together for good, and we get a summarization by Liz of their relationship and where it went, instead of being shown. However, it didn’t bug me enough to take away from the story at all.

I’m looking forward to reading more stories by this author, as well.

You may purchase this on Amazon for $2.99 (as of this posting) as well as other sites such as B&N.


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