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Book Review: The Life of Anna, Part 1: Enslaved, by Marissa Honeycutt



“Dark, interesting, and intriguing storyline!”

Well, wow. What can I possibly say about this story that wouldn’t give a thing away?!

When the story first starts off, Anna is 16. She’s been living with her guardian Jack since her parents died, and treated extremely well by him. So well, she’s caught off guard and completely confused when Jack and Devin (the man who took her virginity and she adores) suddenly turn cruel and mistreat her. The next four years is spent under the brutal and savage “care” of Jack who turns her into a proper sex slave by raping and abusing her into submission. Then, on her 20th birthday, she is taken to Devin’s manor, once again caught off guard by how nice and sweet he is to her now. He says her treatment was necessary to turn her into a proper, submissive slave but now it won’t be like that anymore. He considers her his Mistress and Anna, not knowing any different, is happy with this, thinking her life will now get easier.

Boy, she’s in for some big surprises!

There is a paranormal aspect to this story, from what I can tell, because Anna has visions. She dreams of a man with cobalt blue eyes — later, we discover this is a man named Alex, whom we meet when Anna spends time with his father and his brother, Kurt. This book is also disturbing and the warning should be taken quite seriously! Anna is abused, raped, tortured, etc. and this isn’t something you should ignore if you aren’t into reading that sort of thing in your books.

I like Marissa’s writing style, and I love the view we get from the different characters as well, although it’s mostly told in Anna’s POV. It’s extremely well written, but I did notice a few parts where there were grammatical errors and extra words, missing punctuation — otherwise, it’s well-edited. I am intrigued and wanting to know more about the visions, who Alex and his family are to the Brotherhood, and watch Anna become the woman who will escape the life she lives in to have a healthier and happier existence.

I’m looking forward to reading parts two through five, which I know is coming in April! 🙂

You can purchase this for FREE on Amazon, as well as other retailers such as B&N, Smashwords, etc.


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