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Book Review: Billionaire’s Caress by Sloan Storm



“Grey is great, Maddie…not so much!”

First, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Secondly, without Grey being so amazing, I would’ve given this book a 3. He really stays consistent throughout the whole story, and many times I wondered what the heck he saw in Maddie. In this installment, he definitely makes the story and keeps you reading. He does everything he can to aid Maddie in building her business, and I believe he truly hopes she will succeed in her endeavor, which helps his own success as well.

Maddie, on the other hand, is whiny, selfish, and annoying. For most of the book, it’s ALL about her. She throws fits like a child would when she doesn’t get her way, and instead of appreciating how much Grey is helping her, she berates him for it, and goes on and on about how she wants to quit instead of stepping up. Yes, she saw the light toward the end, but I’m not sure I will be able to keep reading if her bratty attitude keeps up through all the installments.

The sex scenes were great and you really felt the heat between Grey and Maddie. I did notice some tense issues, but nothing too jarring, and I am looking forward to reading the next one, mainly for Grey at this point! 😉


You can purchase this book on Amazon US for 99 cents usually (it’s free as of this posting though!), or read for free on Kindle Unlimited!


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