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Book Review: The Life of Anna, Part 2: Entwined, by Marissa Honeycutt



“And the plot thickens in this enthralling read…”


At 580 pages, Part Two of Anna’s story is filled with lots of action, drama, and new information that fills you in on some things while leaving you with a ton of new questions!

Anna is a character you feel a lot of things for in this, but mainly, you feel sorry for her. With Devin ‘claiming’ her at birth for his nefarious purposes, she’s never really had a chance. But even at her weakest, it’s clear how strong Anna is on the inside, and that’s not even accounting for the powers she isn’t aware she has. You can’t help but root for her and hope she escapes him as soon as possible, because she has the strength to endure Devin’s mistreatment of her.

Alex and his family are incredible; so much, Anna can’t believe how kind they are to her and how much they treat her like a normal person. And thanks to what Alex did in Part One, in this book Anna gets her own place, her own car, and her own…well, life. Sort of. Devin is angry, but trying to extract his revenge doesn’t goes as he planned. Both men are left trying to figure out how to gain the upper hand and Anna is the one most hurt in the process, since she’s at the center of it all.

I won’t talk anymore about the plot though, because it’s best experienced rather than read about in a review. Marissa’s writing is engaging, although I did find some areas where there was punctuation missing, but nothing so extreme it pulled me out of reading. I can’t wait to read more, and I’m completely #TeamAlex. 😉

Definitely something I would recommend to anyone who loves dark reads!


You may purchase this on Amazon for $2.99, as well as other eBook retailers.


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