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Book Review: Unblocked – Episode One (Timber Towers Series Book 1) by Marni Mann



“Well written & a good start to the serial…”

First, I received this book free in exchange for an honest review!

I really enjoyed reading this, although I found it a bit slow at first, but I expected that since it’s setting up the story as a whole.

Unblocked is told in alternating 1st POV’s between Frankie and Derek. Frankie’s a real estate agent, and Derek is a developer, and of course, Frankie wants to be the one to land Derek – in more than one way, to her surprise and Derek’s delight. Frankie, by her own admission, has never been really taken by a “real man,” her lovers having been men who were more focused on their own pleasure than hers. Frankie dreams about having sex with a man who makes her feels as she never has, and throughout the book, the dreams become more vivid, and Derek is the star of the show. He is rugged and completely not her “type” yet may be exactly what she needs.

I like both Frankie and Derek. They are completely into one another, and trying to resist temptation since they will be working together; however, they can’t completely ignore it. Derek knows he needs to wait until their working relationship has reached its finish, but when do plans ever go as anyone wishes? 😉

This novella is well-written and there’s a lot of hotness in the form of Frankie’s dreams. Also, you get enough about the characters now, about the people who matter to them, as well as WHAT matters to them, along with a hint of hurts in both their pasts that drive them to act as they do now. And I just want to state flat out, I don’t like Reed, he’s a jerk and Frankie needs to smack him!

I am definitely looking forward to digging in to Episode Two asap to read more about these two!


You can purchase Unblocked: Episode One on Amazon US for 99 cents, as well as other ebook retailers.


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