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Book Review: Unblocked – Episode Two (Timber Towers Series Book 2) by Marni Mann



“Um, one serving of Derek Block to go, please?”

Whew. What can I possibly say about this installment except that it’s hot, well-written, and leaves you nearly begging for more?

I didn’t really like the beginning, but only because it starts off right where the first left off (seriously, a few minutes later or so), yet Frankie reiterates what just happened. I didn’t believe this was necessary, so it felt a bit repetitive. However, once it’s past that, the storyline is great! You continue to go back and forth between Frankie and Derek’s POV’s, while discovering Frankie’s wit and humor, as well as her insecurities, along with Derek’s skills with dirty talk and leaving Frankie wanting him every second of the day.

No other way to describe the story up to where they have sex for the first time except a “slow burn” because Derek really sets them both up for the best night of their lives. Both end up breaking their own rules, and you can tell they both struggle with accepting their deep attraction for one another, yet can’t resist giving in no matter what promises are made or the potential consequences. Derek and Frankie are impossible not to like and root for!

As for the ending…all I can say is, well-played Marni. I never saw that coming and it’s hard to catch me by surprise! 🙂 I am looking forward to reading Episode 3 more than ever.



You may purchase this on Amazon US for $1.99, as well as other eBook retailers.


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