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Book Review: The Life of Anna, Part 3: Embraced, by Marissa Honeycutt



“Story continues to enthrall and intrigue me!”

This story is such a roller-coaster, it’s great, but poor Anna! At only 352 pages, it’s a bit less than Part Two, but full of drama and twists!

Writing too much would give a lot of the plot away, but basically in this part, Alex is gone for a good bit of it, Devin’s still a major douche, and Anna is happy then sad, over and over.

You can’t do anything but feel for her, really, because this is the only life she’s ever known. We get to see Anna get used over and over, which sometimes becomes a bit much, as well as watch Devin’s desire for power grow out of control. He continues to do terrible things to Anna, which only get worse later on and are an emotional assault against her, but Anna does get a little piece of happiness when Alex has her brought to Germany.

Of course, it’s ripped from her (literally and figuratively, you’ll see what I mean) further into the book, and Anna quickly spirals downward until Devin has her right where he wants her…and then it ends.

Marissa Honeycutt honestly does a great job of keeping you wanting to see what happens to Anna, to Alex, to Devin, and everybody else in this woman’s life. You can’t help but hope she finds the way to survive even though it looks hopeless. Sometimes I thought there were too many details (like the way men use her), and even though there were parts that were told rather than shown, I was glad for it most of the time. There were a few missing punctuation points, but really, the story flowed well and left me wanting to read more.


You can purchase this on Amazon US for $2.99, or at other eBook retailers as well!


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