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Book Review: Billionaire’s Threat by Sloan Storm



“Grey is great, as usual!”

In this fourth installment, I have to say, I really like where this story went. At the end of the third book, well, the ending made me mad. However, Sloan turned it around with the turn the whole scenario takes, and I like how she put in something I never really read in a romance before.

As usual, Grey is the one who keeps you rooting for them both. He’s his consistent, usually dominant self, and Maddie…well, she’s just a mess. She still hasn’t learned to face her problems head on, she’s just as immature as at the beginning of the story, and truly, she doesn’t trust Grey at all. Her friend isn’t much help with Maddie’s antics, especially since she helps her hide from Grey instead of making her face him and tell him what’s going on.

I get that Maddie’s afraid of Grey’s potential reaction to her pregnancy, and since she was on b.c., doesn’t want him to think she tricked him or anything. But, after learning what’s going on, she should’ve been straight up front. He was angry and had every right to be, especially when he learns she’s not told him everything…again. You think she would’ve learned by now!

And, of course, the cliffie leaves you hanging, wondering WTF is gonna happen next. Can’t wait to read the final installment! *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*


You may purchase this book on Amazon US for 99 cents. It is the 4th of 5 books, so you need to read 1-3 first!



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