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Book Review: Unblocked – Episode Four by Marni Mann

Unblocked 4


“Derek Block is keeping it hot!”

I loved this episode of Unblocked, plus the cover is fantastic.

Derek keeps up his dirty talk in this one, and Frankie brings plenty of her own.

Ep.4, teaser 2, JxxxPinkLady

For me in this one, the storyline took a rather predictable turn I saw coming, but that’s the only thing I didn’t like throughout the whole thing. You’re still left wondering what Derek’s planning for his uncle, there’s an appearance someone from his past and Derek realizes how much Frankie is coming to mean to him.

Frankie, on the other hand, has decisions to make, and her friends prod her toward a particular direction. She doesn’t think she can have Derek and her job, but she’s wrong of course! Derek is a great man, and he understand how important Frankie’s job is to her. And I love that he gets it.

Mainly, the most enjoyable part of this episode is the sharing that happens between these two. They open themselves up, and it’s a beautiful thing that leads to some hot sex.

Ep.4, teaser 1, JxxxPinkLady

Definitely can’t wait to read Episode Five to see how everything works out!

Episode Four is only $1.99. Purchase it here on Amazon US.

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