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Book Review: Unblocked – Episode Five by Marni Mann

Episode Five Cover


“Wonderful conclusion to a great story!”

This story was hot from start to finish. You can’t help but adore Derek and Frankie together, and their journey is truly something beautiful. They not only helped each other heal from past hurts, they grew together as well.


Marni really knows how to write terrific love scenes, where you can practically feel the way the characters feel while they’re experiencing it, and also making sure the emotions jump off the page.


The only thing I had issues with was when I felt some things could be worded better or said a little differently to make the writing more active than passive. Otherwise, I am looking forward to reading more by Marni for sure, especially any stories involving secondary characters in Unblocked!


If you haven’t started Unblocked yet, you can obtain the first episode HERE on Amazon, or there is also a collection now available with all five episodes together by clicking HERE! ENJOY!

The collection is also available on B&N.


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