Review Rating Scale

Cassandra’s Rating Scale:

5-Stars: Rare. I have to be blown away by a story to rate it this high. Usually means it was perfect in every way and either caught me off guard at some point, or left me going “wtf?” at the ending.

4-Stars: This means story was great, good pacing, not much wrong with spelling or grammar if any, and it pulled me right along as I read. However, it didn’t have the amazing “wow” factor I rarely get.

3-Star: Decent story, mostly made sense, few noticeable errors, and was gripping enough to keep reading instead of giving up. May read author again.

2-Star: Book was okay, but probably hard to read for many reasons. Didn’t connect with characters usually.

1-Star: Rarely rate a book this. Most likely a DNF, and might not review at all.

Jasmine’s Rating Scale:

5-Stars: Usually any book that gives me a hangover and has the perfect ending gets this rating. I’m pretty lenient on the story because I’m harsher in other areas. A WTF ending is usually guaranteed a high rating.

4-Stars: Story was great, good pacing, no errors, and was generally enjoyable, but didn’t give me a huge WOW factor.

3-Stars: This means the book was good but had so many errors, it distracted me from seeing how good the books actually was. I likely finished it,  but had to push myself to even do so.

2-Star: Book left me with a feeling of Meh. Meh=I could do without it, because of sloppy storyline or bland characters.

1-Star: A DNF and I rarely rate with one star but I will if I have to.